The Epic Backpacker Tours team is one big happy family of outdoor adventure professionals with the shared commitment to offering up the highest level of unique adventure and cultural experiences.

We believe in forging unique connections and strong relationships across the globe whilst providing great jobs for great people.

Will Hatton

Director / Co-Founder

Will first traveled to Pakistan in February 2015 and has since returned to this incredible country four times. Founder of EBT Tours, Will is passionate about providing great jobs for great people and opening up Pakistan to the world! Pakistan is one of Will’s favorite countries in the world and he counts himself lucky to have many amazing friends in the country. On his trips, Will has been always blown away by the stunning scenery, fascinating history, and overwhelming hospitality of the Pakistani people. Whilst Will does not actively lead Epic Backpacker Tours trips tours anymore, he is still very involved on the logistics and admin side of things and in making sure that each adventure run smoothly. 

Chris Lininger

Adventure Guide / Co-Founder

For the last seven years, Chris has been seeking out every shade of adventure in various parts of the globe. Since 2012, Chris has logged more than 4,500 trail miles across five continents. He is an experienced guide with a passion for facilitating the discovery of new cultures, landscapes, outdoor experiences, and food. Chris is a trekking/backpacking fanatic and enjoys photography, rock climbing, scuba diving, and making tasty coffee above 5,000 meters. For him, an ideal start of the day begins with the beam of a headlamp, alpine boots, and a camera in hand. 

When he is not leading or planning tours, Chris writes full time for the Broke Backpacker adventure travel blog. 

Zehra Riaz Notta
Adventure Guide

Our very own Pakistani mountain-woman, Zehra is an adventure enthusiast and has been leading treks to remote areas of Pakistan for the last six years! Her love for the mountains pushed her to undertake treks like Concordia and Snow Lake-Lupke LA where rock and ice are much more gentle to the touch of the hand than the eye of the mind. She jumps on every chance she gets to go to the mountains to fall in love with them all over again. Zehra co-leads EBT tours in Pakistan and is likely to overdose on potatoes someday. 

Rehman Alikhan

Adventure Guide

Local legend Rehman Alikahn has been on board with Epic Backpacker Tours since day one. His laugh is contagious and his outdoor skills, local knowledge, and guiding experience in Hunza are second to none. Rehman is a truly fantastic human being who has made an enormous positive impact on his community as well as on the general backpacker scene in Pakistan. Epic Backpacker Tours has teamed up with Rehman to help fund his guest house in Passu, Hunza. Rehman has some of the most incredible adventure tales you've ever heard...

Clair Rickets
Tour Management/Logistics Master

Endlessly patient, Clair is a font of wisdom and humor. A logistics superstar, Clair helps keep everything moving on EBT tours and runs a lot of the behind the scenes goings on at the Broke Backpacker adventure blog. A keen hiker, adventurer and wine-drinker, Clair first visited Pakistan in 2018 and instantly fell in love with this amazing country. Clair helps ensure our guests are well prepared before they land in Pakistan. 

Ralph Cope 
Adventure Guide/Photographer

Ralph is a traveling photographer and writer who specializes in documenting remote locations. Recently, he has put his his backcountry skills to work leading trips for Epic Backpacker Tours in Pakistan. Ralph currently resides in Rome, Italy and works on The Broke Backpacker when he is not in the mountains.

Ralph leads trips in the Skardu region of Pakistan as well as to our new EBT adventures in Kyrgyzstan.

Pedro Ricardo Dias
Adventure Guide

Pedro's been traveling all around the globe since 2009. His keen interests in documentary photography, rural life, and local people from different ethnic groups have been the focus of many of his professional projects. Since 2012, he has developed his passion for travel and awesome shared experiences into a full time adventure photography tour leader position. 

Pedro has found himself continuously going back to the Middle East, with his likely favorite destination being Iran. Pedro will be leading his 11th tour in Iran with EBT this coming spring 2020

When Pedro's not traveling the world with Epic Backpacker Tours, you'll find him based in the western south of Portugal planning he's next adventure missions, logistics and working out his photos in local exhibitions.

Laura Brown
Tour Management / Adventure Admin

Laura is a former English as a Second Language Teacher who has lived in 9 countries (and taught in 5 of them) always having a passion for travel and adventure. She met Will Hatton long before the creation of EBT in Guatemala at a yoga retreat back in 2014.

 After visiting Pakistan on an epic tour to the Hunza region with EBT, she became hooked on Pakistan just like the rest of us and has now found a new addiction; the mountains.

Besides the mountains, Laura is addicted to coffee, ceramics, the gym and is pursuing a seemingly never-ending master’s degree in art therapy whilst keeping EBT’s Instagram and logistical spreadsheets as up to date as possible. 

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